Fruit cage

Protect your precious fruits from birds and pests with these creative fruit cage ideas. Find inspiration to create a beautiful and productive garden.
Peak Roof Steel Fruit Cage

Heavy Duty Steel Fruit Cages, designed and manufactured in the UK by us, 10 year framework guarantee, quality fruit cages to protect fruit and vegetables.

Amanda Kibby
Aluminum Crop Cage With Netting & Door

Harrod's Walk-In Aluminium Crop Cages provide effective fruit and vegetable protection, come with 10 year manufacturer guarantees and use quality aluminium tubing and connectors to make them the strongest fruit cages in their class.

Elizabeth Coburn
This is my new netted blueberry pergola.  I'll show you how it was constructed. Garden Design, Raised Beds, Exterior, Garden Structures, Garden Netting, Raised Garden, Potager Garden, Pergola, Garden Beds

If you’ve ever grown berries for your enjoyment, then you know how much birds enjoy them, as well. If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ve most likely seen photos of the pergolas on my farm. They were constructed using 18th century Chinese granite upright posts and topped with simple, but elegant stained cross beams. This

Furo Altair