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Enhance your ham radio setup with these top antenna ideas. Improve your signal strength and achieve clear communication with these innovative antenna designs.
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What is the de facto prepper ham radio? The Baofeng UV-5R radio. I know, I know – the purists within the ham radio community scoff, but there is a world of a difference between the ham radio community and the prepper community. There’s overlap, to be sure, but the two communities are not the same. #baofenguv5rradio #BaofengRadio #BaofengUV-5R

Paul Hughes
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Your first Amateur radio antenna. The all time favorite Ham Radio wire antenna is the half-wavelength, center-fed, dipole. It is easy to build and it performs adequately. The dipole is the reference used to measure the performance of the other antennas. It's the base line. The dipole is a great reference point for amateur radio because you can actually build one (yes you can). And on some of the lower bands, most amateur radio operators will be using these. So you don't have to worry about…

Francis Micallef