Hand carved stone

Experience the exquisite craftsmanship of hand carved stone sculptures and decor. Explore a world of unique and timeless creations that will add elegance to your space.
Granite and Quartz Stones Are Carved to Appear Like Fabric and Clay by José Manuel Castro López | Colossal Stone Sculptures, Inspiration, Ceramics, Stone Carving, Quartz Stone, Stone Art, Hand Carved Stone, Ceramic Artists, Stone

Spanish artist José Manuel Castro López (previously) transforms nondescript chunks of granite and quartz into squished and dough-like objects, as if each object morphed from solid to liquid and back again in the sculptor’s capable hands. López seems to delight in convincing the viewer that he works with stone as if it were clay. Lately, he’s begun to introduce additional objects that seem to stitch, clamp, or stretch the stones in various ways. More

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