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Sugar. Just the word conjures up visions of cupcakes, cookies, and candy. Pink cotton candy calls out to me as I envision bouncing on clouds of fluff. And I'm brought back down to earth quickly at the thought of actually eating any of it! With those ethereal visions come the reminders of tooth pain, migraines,

Cara Hawkins
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At times, people may experience a strong urge to seek attention from others. When they lack accomplishments or qualities to showcase, lying may seem like the only option. In their attempts to remain relevant on social media, whether to enhance their reputation or simply get noticed, people may find that fabricating a fantasy scenario is the key to achieving their goal.

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I spent years trying to find the perfect technique to manifest, this book includes methods and techniques I personally used that worked. The Miracle Manifestation Guide provides guidance on how to use the law of attraction and other principles to man...

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