Heirloom quilt

Discover a collection of beautiful heirloom quilt designs and patterns that will add warmth and charm to your home. Create a treasured family keepsake with these timeless quilting ideas.
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Cozy modern quilts. With attention to detail, our quilts are made with the highest quality fabrics and 100% cotton batting with no scrim, resin or chemicals. With precise, industrial stitching and a superior thread count worthy of an heirloom, you will feel the difference the moment you hold it in your hands.

Becca G.
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When I first started quilting I had no idea how to bind a quilt. I had no family or friends who quilted and I wasn't a part of a quilting group. I had an entourage of children and they were all very young so I never had time or money to attend a class so I resorted to books. This certainly wasn't a hardship as I love books but binding in books and patterns, in my experience, is just an after thought. It's briefly addressed and not given any real focus. One thing that I've learnt over the…