Hippie couple

Explore unique and creative ideas for a bohemian inspired wedding for a hippie couple. Get inspired and plan a wedding that reflects your free-spirited and laid-back style.
Hippie Couple These are the sexiest cave people we have ever seen. Style tip: white jean cut-offs are surprisingly baller. Hippies, Beatles, Woodstock Music And Art Fair, Woodstock Music, Woodstock '99, Woodstock 1969, Woodstock Pictures, Woodstock Photos, Woodstock Festival

Each week, we look back in history to give you The Most Stylish Day Ever. This week: Woodstock. It's no scoop that Woodstock in 1969 was a hot-bed of cool. But with the list of fashionable music festivals growing in number by the week, we thought it would be worth taking some time to look back at the original. Yes hippies were dirty, but they were also stylish as hell. Here are 20 crazy photos from what we think might be the most stylish day ever.

That moment you click on the rad urban couple and realize you grew up with the "hot guy"....

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