Horror stories

Get ready to be terrified with these spine-chilling horror stories. Dive into a world of fear and suspense and experience the thrill of the unknown.
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Life is full of scary stuff - taxes, falling in love, having kids, and even sometimes just getting out of your bed might feel like a horror story unfolding. But what if we told you that all of that is all peaches and cream compared to these creepy true stories that people shared on the internet? Oh yeah, prepare yourself to be seriously spooked because these unexplained events are very real, and… you could be next.

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Tomorrow is Monday perhaps isn't the only short scary story you've heard. Other one line horror stories include: your debit card has been declined, the McDonald's ice cream machine is broken, or your memory card is full. And although that's some horrifying stuff, there're plenty of two sentence horror stories and short scary stories lurking online that might actually give you nightmares at night.