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Discover healthy and tasty recipes for human food that you can share with your beloved pets. Treat them to a special meal that is both satisfying and good for their health.
Human Anatomy Baked Into Polymer Desserts by QimmyShimmy | Colossal Desserts, Horror, Art, Dessert, Sculpting, Food Sculpture, Human Anatomy, Creepy Food, Polymer

Singapore-based mixed media artist QimmyShimmy uses polymer clay to craft baby figures and sugary treats that blend fantasy and reality in interesting and often disturbing ways. From tiny anatomical heart pies to baby head lollipops, the surreal sculptures are a trick and a treat wrapped in one confusing but attractive package. Formally trained in graphic design, QimmyShimmy tells Colossal that sculpting was a self-taught skill inspired by the desire to do something different. “It is a mix…

Misty Alvaro