Jean antoine watteau

Explore the exquisite artwork and unique style of Jean Antoine Watteau. Immerse yourself in the beauty and passion of his paintings, and discover the allure of 18th-century French art.
Hollosy, Simon (1857-1918) - 1899 The Rakoczi March (Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest) Art, Rococo, Portrait, Inspiration, Impressionism, Art Techniques, Art Eras, Artist, All Art

Oil on canvas; 92 x 127 cm. Painter, one of the greatest Hungarian representatives of 19th century naturalism and realism. Hollósy, who came from an Armenian family in Máramarossziget, learnt to paint in Budapest and Munich where he painted "Corn Husking" in 1885, which brought him success in Hungary and abroad. He criticized training at the Academy and founded a private school in 1886 where he gathered young talents around him who were interested in realistic protrayal. He opened the way to…

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