Kitchen size

Find the perfect kitchen size that suits your needs and maximizes efficiency in your cooking space. Explore top ideas to create a functional and stylish kitchen.

One of the most important steps in remodeling a kitchen is taking measurements. Understanding the basic layout is crucial for ensuring cabinets fit perfectly in your kitchen remodel, as it involves planning the overall structure and design, including the kitchen's shape, dimensions, and locations of key features. Since the cabinets are a central feature of

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Part 1 of the kitchen design series looked at how to develop the brief for your kitchen design, including the type of questions you need to be asking the client. We also looked at different layouts, along with the work triangle. If you missed part 1 click on the button below: In Part 2 we will look at standard kitchen sizes, along with some really useful and important rules of thumb that will help you design a practical and functional kitchen. Standard kitchen sizes Kitchens units…

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