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10 practical strategies that I have used throughout my career to become a more credible team member and employee. #buildcredibility #accountability #personalgrowth #professionaldevelopment #careergrowth #growthopportunities #integrity #trustworthiness #highagency #highperformers Ideas, Leadership, Coaching, Organisation, Leadership Team Development, Leadership Development Activities, Career Development Plan, Good Leadership Skills, Work Hack

10 practical strategies that I have used throughout my career to become a more credible team member and employee. #buildcredibility #accountability #personalgrowth #professionaldevelopment #careergrowth #growthopportunities #integrity #trustworthiness #highagency #highperformers

Kathy Newport
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The difference between Leadership and Management can be put in simple terms as:Leaders/Leadership: 1. Has Vision and Goals for the Future2. They become Game Changers3. Good leadership inspires everyone.4. Good Leadership will gain a loyal following.5. People in Leadership will be risk-takers.6. Leadership does not exercise total control or power over the workforce. It gathers everyone around for the value or goal it stands for in the organization. It can be financial goals, production goals…

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1. TransparencyTransparency in a team definitely builds trust. If everything’s being transparent in the team, the trust with one another will increase.2. Stop the habit of BlamingLet go even if it’s that one team member’s mistake. Stop blaming. Support the person altogether as a team. Work on correcting the mistake—what better way than this to build team trust. Instead of blaming, try to do the next step in finding a solution. Don’t make the person who did a mistake fee ‘left-out.’ It can…

Raquel Tocha
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To delegate effectively, managers need to be intentional about the work that only they need to do and create clarity for their team on the rest. They have to learn to invest in those around them by letting go of control. Giving up control can feel hard, but it’s also necessary for growth. It’s the only way to scale for impact in an organization

Hailey Puckett
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Effectiveness doesn't just happen; it's created: Repost ♻️ this if you follow at least one of these ideas. Leadership is hard, but these techniques will… | 46 comments on LinkedIn

Jenni Lafleur
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There are various reasons why an employee may be underperforming - confidence, lack of skill, personal issues, the list goes on. Regardless of the reason, it's important to address the underperformance as soon as you notice it. Not only could the employee be unaware of the issue, but it also sets a precedent and impacts the rest of the team. If you have underperforming staff, try these seven training strategies to keep all staff performing well:1. New StaffThe key is to set a proper…

Moana Wati
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Transformational leadership is defined as a leadership approach that causes a change in individuals and social systems. In its ideal form, it creates valuable and positive change in the followers with the end goal of developing followers into leaders. Enacted in its authentic form, transformational leadership enhances the motivation, morale, and performance of followers through a variety of mechanisms. These include connecting the follower's sense of identity and self to the mission and the…