Lemon Grass

Explore a variety of mouthwatering recipes using lemon grass and elevate your culinary skills. Discover new ways to incorporate this aromatic herb into your dishes and impress your friends and family.

There are a lot of uses for lemongrass from culinary to cleaning to gardening benefits. If you are growing lemongrass, you will want to explore these 12 great ways to use lemongrass!

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Botanical Name of Lemon Grass: Cymbopogon citratus. Other Common Names: Lemongrass, fever grass, sereh, citroengras, te limon, zacate limon, West Indian lemongrass, cana-cidreira, cana-limão, capim-cidró, capim-santo, erva-cidreira, herbe citron, pasto limón, patchuli-falso, verveine des Indes, zacate limón, Zitronengras, citronnelle, tanglad, fever grass, hierba de limon, erba di limone, sera, bhustrina and takra. Habitat: Lemon grass is endemic to Southeast Asia, particularly India, Sri…

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lemongrass with text overlay citronella grass versus lemongrass compared and explained

There’s lots of confusion out there about citronella grass versus lemongrass. So much confusion, in fact, that in India the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra citronella was blended into tea instead of lemongrass until a young naturalist realized the mistake. The naturalist, Pranay Ade, reported to Times of India, “I collected the so-called lemongrass leaves […]

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