Lemon pavlova recipe

Indulge in the tangy and sweet flavors of a homemade lemon pavlova. Try this irresistible recipe and impress your guests with a light and airy dessert that will leave them wanting more.
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Lemon Pavlova

Ever since my first pav in How To Eat, I have been something of a pavaholic. For me, acidity is key. So naturally, a lemon pavlova made perfect sense. You will note there are a lot of flaked almonds required: that is because they are the topping of the pav and not mere decoration; the crunch they offer is essential. I make this with a jar of shop-bought lemon curd, but obviously I wouldn’t stop you from making your own. Should you want, you can adapt my Passionfruit Curd recipe, omitting the…

Vicky Conners