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Licorice (リコリス) is a demon and the son of Satanick and Ivlis. He has been a main character in a number of Deep-Sea Prisoner's Sunahama comics. Licorice has two known forms: an adult form and a child form. He has raceless white skin and black nails. His eyes are orange like Ivlis', and his straight hair with two longer front pieces is dark just like Satanick's. His horns bear a similar shape to Ivlis' and have a similar color to that of Satanick's. They have been described as a half-and-half…

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images via ariel's trip to Paris... I love all my "Blogger's Favorites" the same...I do. But I have to admit, I'm awfully smitten with the lists that come from designers, as there's really nothing better than getting a peek inside the brain of a creative person. Especially when it's someone whose work you've long admired. Such is the case with Ariel. I'm a huge fan of her classic, über lovely jewelry. Love it. (Her perfect pieces made an appearance in this "loving" list last spring.) It's…

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