Liquid volume anchor chart

Enhance your teaching of liquid volume with these creative anchor chart ideas. Engage your students and make learning fun with visually appealing charts that reinforce important concepts.
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125% Let's look at this chart for converting between liquid volume units: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First, let's convert 200 pints into quarts. There are 2 pints in a quart. So, use the unit conversion: 200 " pints" times (1 " quart")/(2 " pints") = 200 cancel"pints" times (1 " quart")/(2 cancel"pints") = 100 " quarts" Next, let's convert these 100 quarts into gallons. There are 4 quarts in a gallon. So, use the unit conversion: 100 " quarts" times (1 "…

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This week we have been learning about capacity! The students rotated through stations, choosing the appropriate tool to measure the capacity of a given container. It was a lot of fun but really wet! After mastering the skills needed for metric and customary capacity, they made ice cream with a partner! They had to measure the ingredients in milliliters. We discussed the different tools we had to choose from. Some containers measured in milliliters but weren't precise enough for us to measure…