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Discover creative and stylish litter box ideas to provide a comfortable and attractive space for your cat. Find the perfect solution to keep your home clean and your cat happy.
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About this item ♛-- Do you have these questions? The smell of cat dung is unbearable, urine splashes, and feces stick to the cat! ♛-- What is it? self cleaning cat litter box! Why choose a self cleaning cat toilet? ♛-- cat litter box self cleaning, enlarged thickened litter box, easy to raise cats, fully enclosed cat toilets conform to cat habits. ♛-- self-cleaning cat litter box, anti-splashing, odor-proof, shovel when pulling, spacious space, Suitable for cats weighing less than 16 pounds。…

Lauren Pile
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About this item Original Style & Design | The Original Hidden Litter Box from Good Pet Stuff is a high quality and uniquely designed enclosed cat litter box fashioned as a planter with a faux plant. Designed for cats of all sizes, multi-cat households and for other small pets. The White Birch litter box is ideal for any room or space in your home or office, providing a sleek and functional litter box. Size | The Original Hidden Litter Box Planter is big enough for your cat, dog, rabbit, and…

Alexandra Gusatovic
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As a proud parent of a cat, a pup, and a lot of plants, I’m a firm believer that family also includes our adorable pets. And family members deserve beautiful and functional surroundings.You might have already upgraded your own spaces with IKEA hacks for your bathroom, tiny kitchen, and closets, but if you haven’t given your cats their own IKEA hacks then it’s time to change that. After all, your cats can appreciate a good IKEA hack just as much as the next human.

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With this Automatic self-washing and self-flushing cat box you never have to manually clean the litter box! And you don't need to come back later to empty a waste bin like other automatic cat boxes. You can set it and forget about cleaning the litter box thanks to CatGenie. If you have multiple cats we know litterbox duty can get overwhelming let catgenie do the dirty work for you.