Loose tea

Indulge in the rich flavors of loose tea with our top picks. Discover a world of aromatic blends and high-quality leaves that will elevate your tea experience.
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Handcrafted tea blends for every need. Caffeine free, herbal, botanical blends from organic wildcrafted sources. Ounces listed are sold by volume. Enjoy a cuppa as part of your daily relaxation, mindfulness, and self care routine. Or pick a blend specifically crafted to target what ails you. Add a

Dimitris Mavrozoumis
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Do you see loose leaf tea and think to yourself: "Ain't nobody got time for that!" Or maybe you have the time but have no clue what your doing. First, there are like a million tea companies you could order from. How do you choose? Second, you might not have the tools needed to 'properly' make loose leaf tea. Third, you might not have bunches of money to blow on tea. I'm going to help you with the basics - from selecting a loose leaf tea to how you should make it. 1) Select the tea you want…

Padma Rao