Lymph Drainage

Discover effective lymph drainage techniques to improve your overall health and well-being. Learn how to stimulate lymphatic flow and detoxify your body for optimal wellness.
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Lymph health is important for cleansing and detoxing the body. Problems with lymphatic drainage cause many health struggles. Drinking the best tea for lymphatic drainage is a simple and highly beneficial first step to take. Doing the 8 other things named in this article will most effectively assist lymphatic drainage.

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Lymph: The missing link in a liver detox Thinking about doing a detox cleanse or reducing your chemical exposure? If you've been following along with our Common Household Chemicals to Avoid series, you know how easy it can be to start removing harmful chemicals from your home. Many people get discouraged when they go on a fast or start removing toxins from their lives because they feel sick or feel tired and don’t know why. Why would that happen? One reason may be that the lymphatic system…

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Recently, a friend told me about a lymphatic challenge.To begin, I knew that I loved cel-lite magic, and was interested in dry brushing but hadn’t started.So, it seemed like the thing to do.Especially because I occasionally did feel bloated, lethargic, and just a bit like things weren’t pumping as well as they could be.Spoiler alert:: I'm a fan of the dry brush!Here is what I am learning:The lymph system doesn’t have its own pump (i.e. the heart or the circulatory system), so the best way to…

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