Men with cats

Explore heartwarming pictures of men bonding with their feline friends. Discover the special connection between men and cats and find inspiration for your own cat companionship.
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There's nothing better than seeing a man hold a gentle, dainty cat. It's even more amazing when it's our favorite male celebrities holding furry felines in the most adorable way. Everyone loves cats, and everyone loves hot male celebrities, so why not have both? Look at these adorable photos of hot male celebs holding cute kitties.

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The gorgeous, and sculpted Ian Somerhalder is probably still tapping the raw hide of Nina Dobrev. Shaun Sipos has joined in on The Vampires Diaries party, but Damon has his name tattooed in Elena’s mind. TVD fans want to know is there a reconciliation brewing between Ian, and Nina. Even more, will t