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Discover empowering quotes that celebrate the strength and resilience of women. Let these powerful words inspire you to rise above misogyny and embrace your true potential.
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FUN FACT: every misogynist was brought into the world from the labor of a woman. And They were mostly raised by women too 🤷‍♀️ Feminist movement | Why we need feminism | Proud feminist | Peaceful Activism | Patriarchy Quotes | Feminist Humor #WomenEmpowerment #FeministArt #feminism #Feminist #stopMisogyny #Misogyny

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After going on vacation for a week to a remote spot of the Pacific NW with no cell or internet service,and then rebelling strongly about rejoining society until I had to go back to work today, I had no idea about the murders in CA, or the #notallmen/#yesallwomen hashtag battle. First, let me just state that I am a feminist. I believe in equality for everyone. That is the crux of that word. Feminists believe that everyone should be treated as equals, not just that women should be treated as…