Moss agate

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I am deeply attracted to both Moss Agate and Tree Agate, whenever I’m sourcing for gemstones, I always gravitate to these two types of crystals (although I do prefer Tree Agates a little more). To the undiscerning eye, it can be slightly confusing in identifying between Moss vs Tree Agate, however I’m going to give you two easy tips that will help you correctly identify between these two crystals every single time. Tip #1 – identify by base color When you put these two crystals side by side…

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Green moss agate Pendant*925 Sterling Silver Pendant*heart agate pendant*Moss agate cabochon Pendant* gift Pendant* moss agate*gift for her* Stone size 25x28 mm Total length-40 mm ABOUT MOSS AGATE: Moss Agate, like all agates, is a strongly nurturing gemstone. Many of the beads have moss-like inclusions, carrying the energy of 'plant nature' supporting all who work the land, or who just need more of the green growing world in their life. Moss Agate helps to dissolve fear, enhances trust and…

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Moss Agate is a crystal that is utilized for a wide variety of diverse but significant reasons. In the actual fact, this crystal has a very long history of incredible meaning for several cultures. Aside from that, Moss Agate can offer a lot of benefits most especially to your overall well-being and health. Nevertheless, in this content, you will have a deeper understanding of the various Moss Agate benefits. Aside from that, we will also talk about the meanings and properties of this…

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Moss agate has an incredible connection to Mother Earth and emits a gentle grounding energy that helps individuals feel at peace, especially in nature. It refreshes the soul and encourages you to see the beauty that surrounds you and can be used to help facilitate contact with nature spirit guides. It is a stone of bal

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