Nuclear test

Discover the science behind nuclear tests and their impact on the environment and society. Learn about the history, types, and consequences of nuclear tests, and how they shape our world today.
Atomic Republic: Vintage Images From US Nuclear Tests - 11kt, Nevada Test Site, 14.Sep.1957 Atomic Age, Cold War, Nuclear Bomb Test, Nuclear Test, Nuclear Bomb, Nuclear Power, Nuclear War, Nuclear, Doomsday

Ah, America: the land where conflating violence and freedom are a way of life. In addition to being the home of baseball, junk food, and some damn good music, America holds the distinction for being the only country in the world to have wiped out hundreds of thousands of people by using nuclear weapons in […]

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Islanders, personnel gathered to watch the nuclear explosion on Marshall Islands #dystopia War, Vintage Photos, Retro, Vintage, Old Photos, Photographer, Fiction, Historia, Fotografia

The impact is immediate and massive. In a second the fireball of flame, earth and smoke spreads almost four and half miles wide, engulfing everything within its path, visible over 250 miles away. After one minute the atomic mushroom cloud reaches 47,000 feet high and 7 miles wide. After 10 minutes it reached 40km high, expanding at more than 6 km per minute. 5 ships are destroyed, numerous islanders are poisoned by the nuclear fallout, a whole island is gouged out of existence as a crater…

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