Old tables

Discover unique and innovative ideas to repurpose old tables and give them a new life. Transform your old tables into functional and stylish pieces for your home.
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My name is Lisa I own Brick Street Cottage. I have a confession, I love junk! That’s right, junk! Not for the fact that it is junk in it’s current state, but for it’s potential. My first junk project was at the age of 12, it was an old stop sign that I salvaged from {Read More...}

Carolyn Rider

The Oak wood coffee table is part of the KD Lifestyle collection. A modern and classic design that is perfect in any room. Handmade in Los Angeles and available in our Pacific Palisades showroom. Dimensions: 36"L X 21"D X 13"H Please reach out to the design team here for questions regarding customizations

Ashley McDonald