Pea pods

Discover mouthwatering recipes and creative ideas to make the most of fresh pea pods. From stir-fries to salads, explore new ways to enjoy this crunchy and nutritious vegetable.
How To Cook Snap Peas

Fresh sugar snap peas need no other embellishments than olive oil, salt and pepper in order for their fabulous flavor to shine through! This comes together in 5 minutes and makes a simple, elegant, healthy and thoroughly tasty side dish!

Gayl Strebel
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So you may want to sit down for this, but I made a healthy(ish) salad for dinner the other day! I was up in Michigan for about ten days which is a foodie’s paradise but it lacks one thing, good Asian inspired food. Therefore when I came home I was craving anything Asian, but especially Thai Food. I had purchased some pea pods at the grocery store that I was planning to use for a Chicken and Pea Pod dish that Mr. Tipsy loves, but I suddenly had such a craving for a light and summery salad! Go…

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