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Embrace the timeless appeal of peasant style fashion. Explore our top ideas to incorporate peasant style clothing into your wardrobe and create a bohemian look that exudes effortless elegance.
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Adorable cropped reversible 18th century inspired corset. Short peasant style half-boned bodice provides great support. This model includes removable modesty panel, so you can cover the area under the lacing in the front. Easy to adjust and adapt to your body shape and wardrobe. This corset is a great addition to any outfit, whether it's an essential part of it or just an accessory. The corset is highly durable, because of metal boning and doesn't deform from everyday wear. I offer a custom…

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Perfect for Renaissance Faires, Halloween, Cosplay, or just frolicking around a field, this corset will be a timeless addition to your costume wardrobe. This corset bodice is made of two layers: with a %100 Tight weave cotton canvas lining . The outer fabric is strong and breathable, and this corset will withstand many wears for years to come. It ribbon up for easy adjustability at the center front. It comes with a two different color ribbon sets. Body-shaping synthetic boning Removable…

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Have you been hearing the term "cottagecore" popping up more and more in design circles? Let's talk about some of what is included in this new-to-most style! *Feature Photo Credit to Brambly Cottage Ashbury Wallpaper. * I first mentioned cottagecore in my Interior Design Trends for 2021 Blog Post from a few weeks ago and

Amélie Roger
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Peasant embroidery made a comeback in the 1970s, when I made several shirts with embroidered peasant designs. I even tried one very similar to the smocked Mexican style below. Argh! Why did I give all those clothes away!I wish I had the actual McCall's transfers for these patterns, but, as a