Pine cone crafts for kids

Engage your kids in fun and imaginative activities with these creative pine cone crafts. Discover easy and exciting ideas to keep your little ones entertained and inspired.
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Pine cones are a huge hit around our household and why wouldn’t they be? They’re FREE, fun to find and keep the kids busy! The best time to go hunting for them is starting around fall, but you can also find them at pretty much any crafting store year around. Your best bet on finding […]

Kim Hollenbeck

These pinecone bird feeders are so easy to make! This is such a fun craft for kids of all ages. Kids, teens, tweens, adults, seniors - Who doesn't love watching a little bit of wild life in their backyard!? Each pinecone bird feeder takes about 10 minutes to make... maybe even less? The best part is that you can add as much or as little peanut butter and birdseed as you like. If you want, you can absolutely LOAD your pinecone with peanut butter before dipping it in the birdseed. It's just…

Petra Ehlting