Pine needle baskets

Discover unique and creative ways to incorporate pine needle baskets into your home decor. Explore top ideas to add a touch of nature and rustic charm to your living space.
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One of my and Carter's favorite things is finding new projects to work on together. We've done wood carving, designed Christmas ornaments, painted with Bob Ross, and lately we've gotten into pine needle basket weaving! How did we get into this unlikely hobby? We came across the tutorial on YouTube and were immediately intrigued. This

Breanna Templin
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Basket making supplies I love the outdoors and all it has to offer. I love going on leisurely walks, collecting seeds, pinecones, and leaves; so, when I want to unwind and also be productive, I collect pine needles for selling. I could sell them as is, off the ground or off a fallen tree, but I like to clean and preserve them. This way, the pine needles are ready for whatever project awaits them! ***** The first thing I do once I've collected a good amount of pine needles, is to wash them. I…

Susan Yetka Sokolowski
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Pine Needle Baskets for Fun &...Isn't Fun Enough?: Pine needle basketry is a craft that is either relaxing or stress-making, depending on how you do it. With materials provided by Mother Nature, you can create beautiful projects that can enhance your décor, become cherished gifts, or make an interes…

Marsha Elizondo
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I Doing Pine Needle Basketry is a really great opportunity to slow down and stay in the moment with your own breath. It is a meditation in itself. When you have yourself settled down this way, you don't project your mental state into the future and instead take great care and interest in each stitch. The old saying that a stitch in time saves nine is so true. I started work on a Pine Needle Basket today and I think you can see from the very beginnings of this basket that there is a certain…

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Make your own beautiful basket with one of the most abundant natural materials on the continent – pine needles Below Susan Topham shows you how to make your own pine needle basket. It’s so simple a child could do it! Materials: Sinew Pine needles (8 inches is ideal) Needle-nose Pliers Scissors Tapestry needles 1.5 […]

Jen LePine