Pistachio green

Discover how to incorporate the elegant and refreshing color of pistachio green into your home decor. Get inspired by top ideas to create a soothing and stylish ambiance.

Our bathroom floors comes in a modern range of pure colours, available in rubber and vinyl. Tough and waterproof it is easy to clean and suitable for use with underfloor heating. The vinyl bathroom flooring comes in a luxurious commercial grade roll, while the rubber bathroom flooring is equally soft and warm underfoot

Michelle Doorgen
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The palette is composed on different hues of green: the cold PANTONE 18-5616 TCX Posy Green brings a bit of the contrast · while PANTONE 14-6316 TCX Sprucestone and PANTONE 14-0121 TCX Nile Green with their pastel quality balance the overall color palette. Color Palette, Color, Cold, Green, Monochrome, Spring, Pantone, FHI Cotton TCX, PANTONE 14-0121 TCX Nile Green, PANTONE 14-6316 TCX Sprucestone, PANTONE 16-0229 TCX Titanite, PANTONE 18-0135 TCX Treetop, PANTONE 18-5616 TCX Posy Green