Portable microwave

Discover the best portable microwaves that allow you to cook and heat up meals wherever you are. Make your life easier with these compact and efficient kitchen appliances.
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From ofice desktops and cubicles to college dorms, home gyms and wet bars and right down to your living room next to the couch or even on your nightstand next to your bed you will now be able enjoy all the benefits a mini microwave that takes up less than a cubic square foot of space can offer.

Adam Ott
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I don't know about all of you, but the first thing I do after getting seated on a flight is to open the seat back pocket to find the latest issue of the Skymall catalog. I didn't change that habit on my last trip when I went out to San Francisco for MacWorld Expo. One of the more interesting items that I saw in the catalog was the tiny iwave cube portable microwave from icube designs. Coincidently, a few days after returning from the trip, I was contacted asking if I might like to review…

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