Psychiatric nursing

Learn the essential skills and techniques required for psychiatric nursing. Enhance your knowledge and provide quality care to patients with mental health conditions.
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Psychiatric Nursing Map for Students

The PSYCH MAP explains a lot of concepts needed in the study of Psychiatric Nursing. I hope that this will help you in your study. First, you have to right click on the picture above and save it in your computer. Open and print the picture in landscape format. Place the picture above your bed, beside your study table, in front of your bowl and study it during your BMs, in front of the mirror, above the ceiling and in every place you can think of. Memorize it and Enjoy! The center or the word…

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Personality Disorders - Clusters Cluster A - Schizotypal ...

Personality Disorders - Clusters Cluster A - Schizotypal - Paranoid - Schizoid Cluster B - Borderline - Antisocial - Histrionic - Narcissistic Cluster C - Dependent - Avoidant - Obsessive-compulsive - Passive Aggressive #Personality #Disorders #Clusters #ClusterA #ClusterB #ClusterC

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