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In 1970 a council public information campaign warned citizens that they should be afraid, though it didn't clarify exactly what it was they were supposed to be afraid of. Inevitably, this lead to widespread panic. Police, council and coven telephone helplines were inundated with calls by distressed citizens of Scarfolk who had been previously unaware of the danger they were in. In an attempt to define what the campaign's 'presence' might refer to, the Daily Ail newspaper printed what it…

Gareth Bone
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After last week's post about the Bladder Clown surgical toy we thought it seasonally appropriate to show you another artefact filed in our Automaclown Archive B. Parents in the 1970s were required to submit their children to civic trials, the details of which are not fully clear to us now. We do know, however, that the few children who survived them developed debilitating paranormal powers such as retrospective-clairvoyance - the ability to see the future of people who lived in the past…

Robin Hughes
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In Scarfolk, public displays of emotion were governed by draconian laws. Negative or even ambiguous feelings (such as curiosity and hesitation) were deemed seditious and on-the-spot fines and punishments were often meted out by police (and by the Council Christmas Boy during the season of good will). Distress (see poster above), a broad term which included "psychological breakdown", "suffering personal injury or attack" and "tutting in a queue at the post office", was considered to be a…

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There are many, many tools PR professionals need and this infographic is a good reminder of them.  Always go to work with a fully loaded toolbox! Public Relations, Public Relations Career, Media Relations, Corporate Communication, Consulting, Community Involvement, Marketing Strategy, Brand Communication, Marketing Strategy Social Media

Some of the important public relation tools are explained. The News Release consists of one or more typewritten sheets of information issued to generate publicity. News release may be for announcements of a new product, promotion of an executive, an unusual contest, establishment of student’s scholarship fund etc. The press kit supports the publicity gained at staged events such as press conference. It is a sheet of information about the event, program, schedule of activities, list of…

Rebecca Bunce
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In the early 1970s, local newspapers changed their publishing strategies. They stopped thinking of readers as interested parties keen to learn the latest news from objective sources. Instead, they thought of them as clients who consumed news to suit their lifestyles and, consequently, their unwavering ideologies. Censoring and slanting facts soon degraded into outright fabrication and readers became conditioned to see only information that pandered to and confirmed their negative biases, so…

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By 1979, nuclear war was deemed an imminent threat. The previous year the government had held a referendum on whether to have one and the majority of Scarfolk residents voted in favour, largely because they liked the siren and thought it sounded funny. They also voted for the 3 minute warning to be extended to 10 minutes so that older, frailer people could get to their windows in time to see the initial flash and subsequent mushroom cloud. A festive atmosphere was expected and party poppers…

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