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A Russian Couple Creates Insanely Realistic Dolls, and It Seems We Can Almost Hear Them Breathing / Bright Side Exercises, Anti Aging, Tighten, Aging, Older Generation, Excersise, You Can Do, Exercise, Going Gray

More often than not, people think dolls are meant for children, but a Russian couple’s work can prove them wrong. Anastasia and Sergey Lutsenko’s dolls look like real humans: each one has her own unique look, personality, and charisma. They have an incredibly realistic human-like appearance, making us wonder what the artists’ process is like, from modeling the wigs and clothes to making them by hand.

Beth Piscatelli

Here is the information on Natalie's auction This is baby Na talie She is a full body solid silicone baby girl; sculpted by Izzy Zhao from The Baby Nook. Natalie is the Prototype for Izzy's SOLD OUT edition. There are no more available as she is now SOLD OUT. This Natalie is made of a very special custom-made blend of super, super soft marshmallow silicone. The incredible Kirstin Englert has poured the edition and Izzy only made 2 in this type of silicone available to the public. This…

Danielita Bustillos
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Doll Size:Approx 48inches from head to toe. (deviation exists due to different measuring way .) Doll Hair: hand applied High Temperature Synthetic wig hair,very soft touch , the hair can be permed or straightend with a hair iron, jsut make sure the temperature is within 120° Centigrade Doll Materials:whole doll made of hard vinyl,ball jointed structure.there are nine joints in the doll which makes the doll totally poseable ,head and limbs can be moved 360°freely.The doll can stand by herself…

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