Recycled house

Discover innovative ways to build a sustainable home using recycled materials. Explore top ideas for creating an eco-friendly living space that reduces waste and promotes a greener future.
recycled-houses  This is something completely doable!! Anything and everything can be used in the making of a house! Your own home! Between my husband and I, I know we could do this!! We could make it happen! A small block of land is all we would need to really get started! Design, House Design, Green Building, Recycling, Architecture, House, Interior Architecture, House Styles, Modernist

Waste materials that are reclaimed for new structures can be as simple as a bunch of stacked tires or a boat that’s no longer seaworthy, or as complex as old stone bricks re-sculpted to look like new. They can be roughly cobbled together into rustic cabins, or masterfully incorporated into stunning modern residences along with […]

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The homes are constructed out of the 150 million pallets that end up in landfills in the U.S. each year Pallet House, Building A Shed, Pallet House Plans, Building A House, Pallet Cabin, Pallet Shed, Pallet Building, Recycled House, Home Shelter

There are 700 million wooden shipping palates produced each year in the United States - 150 million of which find their way to landfill each year, when they could be used for houses instead.

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