Reed diffuser packaging

Enhance the appeal of your reed diffusers with elegant packaging ideas. Discover creative ways to package your reed diffusers and make them stand out on store shelves.
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Our all-natural reed diffusers in classic scents and more... but made prettier. Treat your eyes and nose with these aroma-filled bottles and divine flower accents, 'cos we believe in the power of filling two needs with one deed. Contains a higher concentration of oil than your average diffusers for that long-lasting

Tin Tin
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Hand-poured into a ceramic vessel, this beeswax candle invites a calming, garden-fresh scent into your home. **Citrus Sage**: Bergamot orange and soft citrus sparkle with notes of fresh spring water, bright greens, and amber. (FRESH)**Oakmoss Sage**: Herbal tea leaves and crisp eucalyptus blend into a peppermint base. (FRESH)**Lavender Leaf**: Breezy hints of lavender blossom, frosted eucalyptus, and white sage are steeped with rose petals and fern. (FRESH)*For the best burn experience, keep…

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