Round wall clocks

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space with our collection of stylish round wall clocks. Discover the perfect timepiece to add charm and functionality to any room in your home.
A wooden wall clock so you always know what time it is. This piece boasts a face with large Roman numerals and a trim of wooden pearls that’s oh-so elegant. Hang it over a mantel or bed, or use it as dining room decor. Home Décor, Round Wall Clocks, Large Wooden Wall Clock, Wood Wall Clock, Wooden Wall Clock, Accent Decor, Wall Clock, Farmhouse Wall Clock, White Wood Wall

Promising review: “This a LOVELY wall clock! So glad I picked this one. If you're wondering if you should purchase it, please do. You won’t regret it!! Well made, classy, beautiful clock.” —MaryPrice: $142.99 (originally $201)

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Wall clocks range from the decorative to the standard and practical. A wall clock can add personality to a room, enhance its decor or shout a statement while keeping time. Westclox wall clocks come in a range of styles, whether plain, rustic, retro, vintage, classic or contemporary.

David Shroyer