Sand casting

Explore the art of sand casting to create unique and intricate metal designs. Discover top ideas to bring your imagination to life with this versatile casting technique.

Sand casting is among the oldest techniques of duplicating items of jewelry. It is simple in terms of equipment, but casting requires practice. “In my first attempts at casting, I perhaps got one useful piece of jewelry from ten specimens, but now it is nine out of ten,”

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Pewter Sand Casting : 11 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Pewter Casting Ideas, Sand Casting Aluminum, Cuttlefish Casting, Pewter Casting, Metal Jewelry Making, Casting Aluminum, Stencil Font, Pewter Jewelry, Cocoon Dress

Pewter Sand Casting: There are many ways of pewter casting with a lot of different molds. In this tuttorial I show you a casting method with molding sand. It's a fast way to make a sand mold for pewter casting, but you can only cast one time. After casting you can use t…

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