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Take time for yourself and indulge in these self care activities to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Discover top ideas to nurture your mind and body for a healthier and happier you.
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What is self-care? Self-care is a term that is being bounced around a lot lately... and I'm pleased. Not long ago, and maybe even still now in some circles, 'busyness' was worn as a badge of honor. "I'm busy" could mean; I'm important; many people rely on me, and I'm not lazy because I have

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Self-care is not selfish; it is about prioritizing your health and well-being so that you can live a healthy, happy life. To help you get started on your self-care journey, I present “The 7 Pillars of Self-Care: Nurturing Your Mind and Body” #selfcare #selfhelp #relaxation #wellness #personalcare #mentalcare #physicalcare #healthcare #pillarsofselfcare

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A list of 5-minute self care activities that every busy woman can try anytime during the day to relieve stress | self care ideas, quick self care activities, how to practice self care, 5 minutes of self care, mental health tips, daily self care routine, self care tips

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