Shot in the dark

Explore the fascinating world of 'shot in the dark' with these creative ideas. Step into the unknown and capture breathtaking moments with this unique photography technique.
A low to the ground shot in the middle of a street in downtown Dallas. Night City Landscape Photography, City At Night Background, Night Time City Painting, Night Time Urban Photography, Dark City Photography, Cityscape Night Photography, Modern City Photography, City Scenes Photography, City At Night Art

My name is Chi-Quynh Nguyen or ChiKwonDo, and I am a Dallas-based photographer who loves doing street photography, car photography, portrait photography, and creative photography in Dallas. I also like to do videography and have done freelance work involving events for bands and advertisements for schools in Dallas. I enjoy expanding my skill set by continuously practicing my craft, trying to learn from other creative artists, and exploring new creative pathways. I am a current student at…

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