Soft textures

Enhance the ambiance of your space with soft textures. Discover top ideas to add warmth and comfort to your room using plush fabrics, fluffy rugs, and cozy throws.
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With all this time spent at home, we’ve noticed a higher interest in home design in general, and transitioning to some chillier weather is no exception. Whether you’re into seasonal specific decor, or just want to incorporate some new colors into your accents that fit the weather changing, we’ll look at what’s trending for this upcoming fall and winter season. We’re going to look at home design trends for 2020 in three categories: color, materials, and specific styles and themes. COLORS…

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Why Should You Work with Wool? | Horizon | Feature | NOT JUST A LABEL Inspiration, Home Décor, Texture, Mor, Wit, Color Textures, Soft Textures, Hatch Collection, Colours

Wool might be the most ubiquitous of materials, and a dependable medium for use in any Autumn/Winter collection, but as a practicing designer–how well do you understand wool as a natural fibre, where it comes from and the mosaic history of its production? Following NJAL’s appointment as a Nominating Body for the International Woolmark Prize, it’s time to highlight the versatility and modernity of Merino wool. It's time to snuggle up with a material that has long been out of vogue. After…

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