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To many of us, self-awareness is like a mythical unicorn: Sometimes, we catch fleeting glimpses of it. But as soon as we’ve spotted it, it vanishes into thin air. What is this mysterious quality that we think we possess, but actually rarely do? Most importantly, WHY is self-awareness so important? In a nutshell, being self-aware is an essential part of the spiritual journey. In fact, without this fundamental quality, there can be no hope for spiritual or psychological growth. Self-awareness…

Stephanie Wiegand
Don't fall into these traps hidden on the spiritual growth path.

So you’ve been devoting months, years, or perhaps even decades of your life to your spiritual practice. But unlike physically tangible pursuits, there’s no easy way to know if you’re ‘making progress’ or not when it comes to your inner spiritual life. If you’re wondering whether you’re actually growing and evolving and whether spiritual growth is indeed occurring in your life, keep reading. What is Spiritual Growth? Spiritual growth is the process of awakening to your true nature, purpose…

Abbee boo
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We all want to increase our self-awareness. But there’s a fine line between lost and found, sense and nonsense, awareness and ignorance, self and other. Sometimes rabbit holes must be passed through in order to discover a profound truth that just happens to be the opposite of another profound truth. At times worms need to be

Marina Soti