Squirrel home

Transform your backyard into a squirrel's paradise with these cozy and creative home ideas. Discover how to create a welcoming space for squirrels to play, rest, and nest.
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Are you wondering what to feed squirrels in backyard? We have several squirrels around our house so we wondered what would be good to feed them. In this article, I’ll share what to feed squirrels in backyard, but if you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer. You can safely feed squirrels nuts and veggies.

Marlene Langs
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Squirrels, this adorable nut-cracking creature might seem cute, but they are as notorious as a four-year-old baby. Squirrels as pets will always keep you occupied in some task or the other. In other words, let us just say that having a squirrel means that you will never need a television again because they are a...Read More

Joyce Dowdell