Maximize your home's selling potential with these effective staging tips. Create an irresistible first impression and attract potential buyers with beautifully staged rooms.
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Stop wasting your time doing these 5 things when you’re staging your own home. Getting ready to sell your home can be a chaotic time. There’s so much to do and one of the biggest and most time-consuming tasks is preparing your house for viewing. For most sellers, this means hours spent cleanin

Coral Devlin
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If you aren't committed to prepacking and decluttering, then why list your house for sale at all? Commitment to a show-worthy house will make is sell-able. So, either, you're in, or you're not. So decide now because if you can't prepack, then you aren't ready for the next step of staging a house....

Natalie M
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If you enjoy seeing real home staging before and after pictures and videos by professional real estate agents, this post is for you. For some houses, staging can make a big difference in how appealing the home seems to potential buyers.

Amanda Pratt

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