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Discover innovative concept diagrams that showcase the principles of sustainable architecture. Get inspired to design eco-friendly buildings that prioritize environmental stewardship.
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Using natural circumstances to lessen the need for artificial or mechanical climate control is known as passive design Strategies. This means making the most of natural components by optimizing a building's layout, materials, openings, and orientation, which will ultimately improve environmental comfort. When these techniques are widely used, individual buildings become more ecologically friendly and their overall energy usage is drastically decreased.

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The future of business is about collaboration, sustainability and customization. Seun-nect is meant to provide a collaborative environment to connect work and play. By weaving the public area into the private buildings of Seunsangga, the park is architecturally and structurally part of the Seun...

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Solaripedia is a database of green architecture and green building resources using solar, wind and passive strategies to create sustainable built environments. This page provides green case studies and project examples.

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