Take better photos

Learn how to take better photos with these simple yet effective photography tips. Elevate your photography skills and capture stunning moments like a pro.
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In this article, I'll give you 7 easy to follow tips to help you do better mobile phone photography. Take your cell phone photos up a notch.

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Tired of taking mediocre iphone photos? With these 10 easy tips, you'll instantly start taking better iphone photos that you'll be proud to post and share!

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Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki is trying to show people that being photogenic is not something you are; it's something you become. And she's doing one hell of a job. Bonnie has been sharing easy tips, explaining how to feel and look more comfortable in front of the camera on her Instagram for quite some time now, and they have already earned her over 621,000 followers.

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I put together a weekly challenge a few years ago and now I’m making it an anytime challenge, so you can sign up and get the first challenge right away. Sign up below to get a weekly email of each challenge. Practice is the best way to get better at anything. This really applies to […]Continue Reading...

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Shooting in Sri Lanka Photography I get a lot of questions about my photography style, cameras and workflow, and I get a lot of emails asking for advice for beginners. I wrote about my camera setup here, and about photography expeditions here and here, but I've never done a post

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