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Discover a wide selection of high-quality tap shoes for every level of dancer. Step up your performance with the perfect pair of tap shoes and make your routines shine.
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There's a new tap dance class for boys (ages 7 to 13) starting at Vinnie's Jump & Jive this Friday at 5:45 pm. The teacher is Lynn Agnew, a veteran dance instructor - I've been taking her Wednesday evening tap class** and she's a terrific teacher. The boys class is perfect for complete beginners or boys who've had a season or two of dance class. There's something about giving boys a space to learn tap that's all their own - and it's an option that's been lacking in Central CT (believe me…

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Description Introductory economy patent tap shoe from Bloch. Techno tap plates. Soft Kashmir lining and padded insole for comfort and to reduce moisture. Non-slip pro balance pad added to the resin outsole to smooth out weight transference. Back of the shoe has no seam lines in lining and an extra piece of black leathe

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