Tiled fireplace

Discover stunning tiled fireplace ideas to elevate the look of your space. Upgrade your fireplace with unique tile designs that add style and warmth to your home.
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Hi. I've chosen 2"x2" white zellige tiles for our new (smal!) fireplace surround. The mantel will be painted wood, rather traditional-looking. The firebox will be a dark gray Fireclay 2"x6" brick tile (color = Rocky Mountains). I always thought the hearth would be a slab of honed...

Merce Deu Martinez
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Some call it a non-working fireplace, I call it a ‘hole in the wall’. The place where there was at one time a fireplace and at some point in time, someone (tragically) decided to rip it out, plaster it up and call it good. I’ve seen quite a lot of them in my time and […]