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These Tiny Homes With Glass Ceilings Are the Ultimate Starry Retreats! – Inspiring Designs Tiny House Design, Design, Architecture, Tiny Homes, Tiny House Trailer, House Ideas, Small Tiny House, Tiny House Luxury, Tiny House Interior Design

Have you ever felt the need to get away from the hustle and bustle and just bask in the beauty of the sky? What if your home allowed you to do just that… from your couch or bed? Enter the world of luxury tiny homes with ceiling windows: where rustic meets opulence, coziness meets spaciousness, ...

Christi Allen
Love it! #pink  Pink Love Pink Home Décor, Mansions, Décor, Home, House, Decor, House Styles, Home Decor, Style

Delivering on the promise contained at the end of my last awesome houses post from exactly a month ago, here is a post full of AWESOME PINK HOUSES. Obviously, I want to live in ALL OF THEM. First off, here are some Victorian-style houses in nice pastel shades of pink with white trim. Pretty tasteful, no? Now for some pink houses with heart motifs going on! Somewhat less tasteful, lol. Here's a weird hobbit-y pink house! It's pretty cool. And lastly, here is a house that is not pink, but is…

Simony Agostini