Watercolour techniques

Explore different watercolour techniques to add depth and vibrancy to your artwork. Learn how to create stunning effects and bring your paintings to life with these top ideas and tips.
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If you're just getting into watercolors or you've been painting for a while, sometimes it's fun to just experiment with techniques that you don't normally use when painting. I usually only paint using the basic watercolor techniques (see #1-#3) , but some of these are really fun to play around with,

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Techniques and Tips for Watercolors When it comes to watercolor painting, these are the tricks that draw the ooh's and aah's every time. Watercolor as a medium seems like such a challenge because it seems unpredictable at first glance. It's so important to learn what to expect from the pigment when it meets water. When learning watercolor basics, these will help form a better foundation in painting with more enjoyment. The frustration is lessened because you have a better idea of how the…

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When I began painting I realized that there are a plethora of choices out there, so what watercolor brushes do I need exactly? It can be a confusing and expensive process to work this out. Apart from the issue of size and shape, there is also hair type to consider.

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