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Tesla Model 3 Factory Wheel Specs and Options. Factory Spec Wheel Upgrade Options. 18" Model 3 Aero Wheel Specs: 18X8.5" Offset: +40 PCD: 5X114.3 Center Bore: 64.1mm Weight: 21.6 lbs (Without Aero Cover). 19" Model 3 Sport Wheel Specs: 19X8.5" Offset: +40 PCD: 5X114.3 Center Bore: 64.1mm. 20" Model 3 Sport Wheel Specs: 20X8.5" Offset: +40 PCD: 5X114.3 Center Bore: 64.1mm.

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Yes. I've stooped to posting feel-good pictures to ease my stress. Ferris wheels make me happy. Well, looking at them does. Not so much riding in them. That's terrifying. Doable, but terrifying. Anyway, cliche as it may be, I will have you know this is the first picture I've ever posted of a ferris wheel. So bite me.

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