Wood playhouse plans

Build your own playhouse with these DIY wood playhouse plans. Create a magical space for your kids to play and explore, and make memories that will last a lifetime.
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When I was little, my parents built me a playhouse out of old pallets. It wasn't just any playhouse—it was my secret hideout, my castle, and my spaceship all in one. They found the instructions online and spent a weekend putting it together. I still remember watching them work, feeling excited about having my own special place. That playhouse became the center of my childhood adventures. Years later, the memory of how much joy that pallet playhouse brought me made me want to share this joy…

Crystal Joy Johnson

There are so many DIY playhouses shared online, but not all of them come with a plan or tutorial. So today we are sharing some of the best playhouses we found, all with accompanying plans! Whether you want a simple playhouse, a GRAND playhouse, a tree house, or maybe you're looking for a toddler playhouse or a tiny playhouse for small spaces, we've included a sample of just about everything you can imagine.

Kelly Bradfield
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Free plans to build your own indoor playhouse! Sized similar to play tents, so it fits anywhere, but won't break and feels more like a playhouse. This well thought out plan maximizes material use. About $50-$100 to build (depending on local lumber prices). UPDATE: After many years of use, kids climbing on the roof, "decorating" with crayons, the playhouse is still in good condition and used all the time! This is a great plan that my kids have loved for years, has held up well, and looks…

Kyra Jarrett Jackson